About the award:
Each year the Division of Enrollment and Access recognizes an individual who has made a profound difference in and contribution to the work of our Division.
To nominate someone for this year’s award, please send an email to: Paula.Hadley@colostate.edu and include the individuals name, supervisor, and why you believe they should be given the Enrollment and Access Distinguished Service Award.

Past recipients include:

2020: Coming Soon

2019: Aaron Escobedo
“In recognition of the support you provide our students from Orientation to Graduation”

2018:     Madlyn D’Andrea
“For your extraordinary commitment to and investment in CSU students”

2017:     Laura Jensen
“In recognition of your outstanding research contributions to our Division”

2016:     Paul Thayer
“For your efforts on academic success and transformative advising for undergraduate students”

2015:     Barb Musslewhite
“For the light you shine upon student’s lives and the inspiration you provide to all of us”

2014:     Dale DeVoe
“For your extraordinary personal investment and service to our Division”

2013:     Amy Parsons
“For the gift of the TRIO House and your support of our mission of outreach and access in the 2012-13 academic year”